David Haerle’s ‘Women Make the World Go ‘Round’ Video Is Inspired by The Women’s March

David Haerle’s ‘Women Make the World Go ‘Round’ Video Is Inspired by The Women’s March

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For Immediate Release                                                                                             March 8, 2017


David Haerle’s ‘Women Make the World Go ‘Round’

Video Is Inspired by the Women’s March

LOS ANGELES — When rock singer/songwriter/guitarist David Haerle saw a first cut of his video for his new single, “Women Make the World Go ‘Round,’ he teared up.


            But, these weren’t tears of some egotistical artist full of himself over a catchy song and cool video. These were the tears of an artist truly moved by a monumentally historical event – the Women’s March in Downtown Los Angeles on January 21 where more than 750,000 men and women marched for women’s rights.


            The video, directed by Red Phosphorous and featuring Haerle’s Fred Harvey band mate, Bess Harrison, on vocals with Haerle, was shot at the Women’s March and features stirring portraits of women of all ages, races, sexual orientations, national origins and religions.


photographer: Melinda Kelley

            “The portraits of the women we filmed at the Women’s March show a great diversity of women, from all walks of life, coming together in harmony for a just cause,” explains Haerle, who is also president of Los Angeles-based CMH Label Group, home of Vitamin String Quartet, Rockabye Baby!, the Pickin’ On Series, and a rich catalog of bluegrass and country music.


            “The portraits convey togetherness, support of one another, righteous defiance and love in action. When I watch those portraits, I feel a direct connection to the very best in human nature, a connection that goes straight to my heart,” he adds.


            The historical significance of the March left Haerle not just in awe, but truly inspired. “There is nothing like being part of something bigger and greater than yourself, and that is certainly the feeling I had that day. I felt like I was standing up for what I believe in, being counted, supporting women and rights they should have or should not be at risk of losing. I would also add that I experienced a wonderful feeling of togetherness, camaraderie, harmony, solidarity and, very significantly, a great feeling of mutual support meaning that everyone, as diverse as the attendees were, had each other’s back,” he says.    


            “Women Make the World Go ‘Round” is a feminist anthem that celebrates women’s strength, diversity, and spirit. The song not only gives shout-outs to women who were influential in Haerle’s personal life, such as his mother and teachers, but to iconic women in history as well. He sings: “Mothers, daughters, sisters, lovers, women we have wed / Oh Maya, Rosa, Susan B. and others who have led.”


            “This is a tribute to the power of women united in numbers too big to ignore. I want to show people that while there are threats to women’s rights and liberty, when we come together – men and women – we can effect profound change.”


            The video is also like a thank you note to the 750,000 people who marched in L.A. — and the estimated 4.8 million who participated in the sister marches worldwide. “We wanted to pay tribute to each extraordinary participant in this historic movement. We want to honor their activism and support their efforts to foster awareness of this important cause.”


            Haerle actually began writing “Women Make the World Go ‘Round” long before the 2016 election. The theme and spirit of the song was initially the influence of women as romantic partners, but a suggestion by Ms. Phosphorus in the fall of 2016 to make the song a broader celebration of women inspired Haerle to re-write the lyrics. As an activist, Haerle realizes that the song and video have a greater purpose in being both a celebration of women and being connected to protecting the rights of women and others.


            Haerle is currently in the studio working on more material for his debut full-length album, Garden of Edendale, due on Edendale Records later this year.


            The single “Women Make The World Go ‘Round” by David Haerle with Bess Harrison is available at: iTunes  Apple Music  Spotify  Amazon






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