Fred Eaglesmith’s “Rock & Roll Party” Enjoys Landslide

Fred Eaglesmith’s “Rock & Roll Party” Enjoys Landslide

Fred Eaglesmith’s “Rock & Roll Party” Enjoys Landslide

📅19 November 2012, 00:14

November 19, 2012


Campaign Rolls On, Signing Up Party Members And Lifting Spirits

(ANYWHERE, North America) Iconoclastic singer, songwriter and performer Fred Eaglesmith and his hard-charging band are shaking up the two-party system with a campaign that supports an entirely more enjoyable party – one that’s all about the music.

“I joined the Rock & Roll Party when I started writing songs,” Eaglesmith explains. “The whole thing with right wing and left wing never made a lot of sense to me, but once I realized I’ve been in the Rock & Roll Party most of my life, it was just liberation.”

Eaglesmith was recently described by the Bend (Ore.) Bulletin as “a singer-songwriter with a loyal fan base; a raconteur known for his funny stories and sometimes funny, sometimes poignant songs … a figure to who ‘entertainer,’ ‘iconoclast,’ ‘humorous’ and ‘original’ can be applied in equal measure.”

He and others in the party are celebrating their recent victory Tuesday … and Wednesday … and Thursday. Friday and Saturday nights are usually landslides. “The other parties are only about business, but we in the Rock & Roll Party sort of know better. Plus, we win every time because more people don’t vote than vote – 56 million for one side and 54 million for the other leaves 200 million for the Rock & Roll Party.”

Stumping town-to-town, Eaglesmith has been rallying crowds in the hundreds. “We tell people about the party of Rock & Roll every night,” he says. “More like remind them, because most people used to belong, but they got involved in other stuff. You can see the light go on in their heads and they come up after the show to thank us for not letting them forget about the music. After all, we are the only party to lead to a revolution in North America in the last 100 years.

“We played a show in Virginia after the election and everyone was so down. I had to say, ‘Really? It’s not like you had to decide which guy was going to shoot somebody.’ It really just has to be put back in perspective. All of the political business types are on one side, and we’re on the other. Once people connect with that, they get very excited.”

“There are no leaders, none of that power stuff,” Fred, who wakes up most mornings to write songs and performs about 250 shows each year, says. “The reality is this is the way it started back in the ’60s and ’70s, but I’m not a throwback. I’m just out here telling people they don’t have to think about this other crap. It’s not making them happy.”

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