Fred Eaglesmith’s Traveling Road Show Carries On

Fred Eaglesmith’s Traveling Road Show Carries On

Fred Eaglesmith’s Traveling Road Show Carries On

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August 9, 2012


Last Of A Breed Keeps The Rock ‘N’ Road Tradition Rolling

            (ANYWHERE, North America) In the days before cheap air travel, luxury tour buses and corporate music, being a traveling entertainer was as much lifestyle as profession. For acclaimed recording artist Fred Eaglesmith and his Traveling Steam Show, life on the road is, simply, life. And that gritty, greasy and engagingly genuine approach has grown a fervent following that speaks of a different age.

Where vaudeville meets rock’s adolescence, Eaglesmith stands with his unrelenting touring schedule and unwavering commitment to the show. “It’s much more like the ’20s or ’30s,” he explains. “We’re staying out, not just for a weekend, the summer or 20 dates – we’re out full-time. We sleep out in a park or a Walmart parking lot, burn used cooking oil in our bus, do our own mechanical work and live a different life.”

The 18-day Chicago-to-Santa Monica 2012 Route 66 Tin Can Caravan planned for September, offers fans the chance to immerse themselves in the Fred Eaglesmith experience as the trek rambles from show to show, nightly campfires, impromptu jams and more. “It translates to the music,” Eaglesmith says. “The audience feels something and they’re excited to be part of something that isn’t manipulated by the media. People want to buy our stuff and support what we do when the show is over. It’s much the way rock and roll started out. It feels a little more religious.”

The road, not to mention the rails, are central to Eaglesmith’s pursuit of musical transcendence. How else to explain that an edgy and thoroughly modern recording artist and performer was recently inducted into the North American Railway Hall of Fame? “Rock and roll is supposed to be falling apart all the time, not going around in these big pornographic buses with murals down the side. We won’t play big festivals anymore because they suck out our souls. They’re shopping malls now where it’s about buying cotton candy.

“I know some big guys in the business and ran into one the other day. And I thought, you live in LA and have millions of dollars, and I’m way happier than you. I had to put on rubber gloves this morning to fill my bus with a bunch of nasty waste vegetable oil and my life is better than yours.

Eaglesmith’s embrace of the road is total and complete. “We’re not kidding,” he says. “This isn’t about fame at all, even though it probably started out that way when I was a kid. But it’s really just about being a hard-working rock and roll band in the way that existed back when there was still a fever around rock music. We may be all that’s left. The last carriers of the rock and roll fever.

“Everybody is cynical, tired, beat-up and bored,” he says of the fans he hopes to help escape. “Our brains are so full of left wing and right wing, so let’s not do that. Let’s be something new called rock and roll. It took me a long time to peel away the onion to the core of what this is, but once I did I realized it had been there all along. It’s really simple.”

Fred Eaglesmith and the Traveling Steam Show on Tour:

Aug 11             Live From the Rock Folk Festival Red Rock, ON

Aug 16             Canada’s Southern Railway Station St. Thomas, ON

Aug 17-19         Fred Eaglesmith Annual Charity Picnic Aylmer, ON

Aug 24 & 25     Porcupine Mountains Music Festival, Ontonagon, MI

Sept 12 , 2012 The Ark Ann Arbor, MI


The Tin Can Caravan Tour:

Sept 13, 2012 Fitzgeralds Brewyn, IL

Sept 14, 2012 Six String Club- Bloomington, IL

Sept 16, 2012 Off Broadway St Louis, MO

Sept 19, 2012 Tulsa, OK (venue tba)

Sept 20, 2012 Blue Door Oklahoma City, OK

Sept 21, 2012 Big Texan Beer Garden Amarillo, TX

Sept 22, 2012 Pow Wow Rest&Lizard Lounge Tucumcari, NM

Sept 23, 2012 Santa FE, NM (venue tba)

Sept 24, 2012 Low Spirits Albuquerque, NM

Sept 29, 2012 Victorville, CA (venue tba)

Sept 30, 2012 McCabe’s Santa Monica, CA


Oct 2 , 2012 The Barn Gilroy, CA

Oct 3, 2012 Kuumbwa Jazz Center Santa Cruz, CA

Oct 4, 2012 Powerhouse Pub Folsom, CA

Oct 5, 2012 Stonecutters Barn on Comanche Creek Chico, CA

Oct 6 , 2012 Harmony House Sisters, OR

Oct 7 , 2012 The Tractor Seattle, WA

Oct 13, 2012 Rotary Centre for the Arts Kelowna, BC

Oct 15/16, 2012 TWO SHOWS! The Geomattic Attic Lethbridge, AB

Oct 23, 2012 Artesian on 13th Regina, SK

Nov 1, 2012 Princess Cinemas Waterloo, ON

Nov 3, 2012 SOLO SHOW Hamilton Spectator Auditorium Hamilton, ON

Nov 7, 2012 Ashland Coffee & Tea Ashland, VA

Nov 8, 2012 Ashville, NC

Nov 10, 2012 Sertoma Ranch Brooksville, FL

Nov 16, 2012 Sellersville Theater Sellersville, PA

Nov 17, 2012 Iron Horse Northampton, MA

Nov 18, 2012 Madison Hall Morrisville, NY

Dec 14 – 16, 2012 Annual Fred Eaglesmith Winter Weekend Lighthouse Festival Theater Port Dover, ON

Dec 21, 2012 Hugh’s Room Toronto, ON



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