Insects Vs. Robots Announce New Tour And EP

Insects Vs. Robots Announce New Tour And EP

Insects Vs. Robots Announce New Tour And EP

📅19 February 2016, 01:51

For Immediate Release                                                                           February 19, 2016



Psychedelic Freak-Folk-Rock Space-Punk Gnome-Orchestra

Go Where No Band Has Gone Before

On Stupid Dreams

New Full-Length Album

Just Over The Horizon

cover art: Stupid Dreams

cover art: Stupid Dreams

(Los Angeles) No single category is large enough to contain Insects vs Robots. Neither is Venice, California, the wildly innovative band’s home base, from which they will launch their eagerly-awaited “Stupid Dreams Tour” in advance of their equally-anticipated EP release of the same name.


The journey begins March 1 at the Del Monte Speakeasy in Venice, their home base and site of several residencies, with the Stupid Dreams EP’s official release party.


Comprised of five fearless, genre-allergic musicians / singers / songwriters / iconoclasts, IVR has already pushed a number of critics into paroxysms of metaphorical overkill. Raleigh News & Observer says their sound is “not unlike how Punch Brothers might have turned out if they’d started from jazz rather than classical.” Not to be outdone, writes that they evoke we “laser beams shooting over the delicate places of ukulele and lyrics about the inevitable implosion of the earth.” Texas Music Magazine tops them all by insisting their music is “akin to following the 7 dwarfs down into the diamond mine after taking mescaline.”


In fact, Micah Nelson (charango, guitar, vocals, percussion, piano, drums), Jeff “FEJ” Smith (bass, grooves), Tony “Grandma” Peluso (drums, percussion, synths), Milo Gonzales (electric and acoustic guitars, vocals) and Nikita Sorokin (violin, guitar, banjo, vocals) are perfectly nice fellows who know how to function in the real world — except when it comes to respecting musical boundaries. Since coming together in 2008, they’ve released three albums: Geryl and the Great Homunculous (2009), Tales from the Blue House (2011) and Insects vs. Robots (2014), each an inspiration to free thinkers and listeners.


Their upcoming EP, Stupid Dreams, proves the point, from the adventurous cover art by Micah and Nikita to the music it encases. “Infection (Time Grows Thin)” combines hallucinogenic lyrics, ambient noises and an overall impression of menacing beauty. (This one makes that “mescaline” reference a lot clearer.) “Star Gnoir” is all dark alleys, dim streetlights, a clouded moon and, in an after-hours dive around the corner, a slow-motion jam with Tom Waits watching from the bar. “Beyond Measurement” maintains a funky strut as dissonant guitar licks, voices riffing at the edge of audibility rise unexpectedly disappear as a snappy jazz drum solo takes over. And “Stupid Dream” is a catchy recollection of, actually, more than one aimless nighttime reverie, complete with Dylanesque harmonica, fiddle and spooky ghost noises.


March 1 is the release date for Stupid Dreams. A full-length album, THEYLLKILLYAA, will follow later this year, along with a hand-drawn animated music video for “Infection (Time Grows Thin)” by Micah Nelson and his friend/collaborator Strangeloop (


Until then, catch IVR on its “Stupid Dreams Tour.” If you don’t live near any of these fine venues, there’s still time to move:


MARCH 1: Del Monte Speakeasy, Venice, CA

MARCH 2: SOHO, Santa Barbara, CA

MARCH 3: Moe’s, Santa Cruz, CA

MARCH 4: Smiley’s, Bolinas, CA

MARCH 5: Amnesia, San Francisco, CA

MARCH 7: Club 66, Ashland OR

MARCH 8: White Eagle, Portland, OR

MARCH 9: Sunset Tavern, Seattle, WA

MARCH 10: Sam Bond’s Garage, Eugene, OR

MARCH 11: Johnny B’s, Medford, OR

MARCH 12: Humbrew’s, Arcata, CA

MARCH 13: Terrapin Crossroads, San Rafael, CA

MARCH 15: Deer Lodge, Ojai, CA

MARCH 18: Luck Reunion, Luck, TX

MARCH 19: The Ginger Man, Austin, TX

MARCH 20: Saxon Pub, Austin, TX


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