Insects vs Robots Set to Tour With Primus

Insects vs Robots Set to Tour With Primus

📅13 February 2017, 23:45

“Along the way there are some quirky time signatures and some quirky, well, quirks:  the high wordless vocal detours in the title song, a little whistling and some flamenco-ish guitar runs in ‘Matilda’s Galavant,’ the tinny piano and Gentle Giant-like prog pointillism of ‘Fukushima,’ among many other delightful idiosyncrasies. But also it serves to elevate and illustrate some serious themes, including the title song’s musing on the ultimate price paid by some who have stood up for their beliefs and the ‘Fukushima’ meditation on that city’s earthquake-and-nuclear disaster in Japan (‘my 300-year half-life’). …This band sounds like, well, Insects vs. Robots. Whatever it sounds like at any given moment.” – KPCC


For Immediate Release                                          February 13, 2017


Psychedelic Freak-Folk-Rock Space-Punk Gnome Orchestra

Insects vs Robots Set to Tour With Primus

New music video, Luck Reunion and SXSW shows, also on the horizon


After releasing an EP and full length album of new original material last year, Insects vs Robots are preparing for a new year filled with creativity and live performances.


The band – Nelson (charango, guitar, vocals, percussion, piano, drums), Jeff “FEJ” Smith (bass, grooves), Tony “Grandma” Peluso (drums, percussion, synths), Milo Gonzalez (electric and acoustic guitars, vocals) and Nikita Sorokin (violin, guitar, banjo, vocals) – are already on the line up for Luck Reunion in Austin, TX on March 16. Three other show during SXSW have been scheduled, with more being added. Just before taking off for Texas, they will perform at the Del Monte Speakeasy in Venice, CA, not far from the studio where they recorded TheyKillYaa. In May, the band will open for Willie Nelson (who is Micah’s father) for four shows at The Fillmore in San Francisco; and four dates opening for Primus have just been added to their itinerary.


Coming soon, the band will release a new music video featuring the song “TheyllKillYaa” from their October 2016 album of the same name. The fourth studio recording from the band elicted praise from the media. The Austin Chronicle said of the seven-track collection, “…multiple stream-of-consciousness tendrils held together by eclectic instrumentation and musical acumen. [Micah] Nelson’s nimble charango picking and Nikita Sorokin’s effects-sodden strings remain key sonic delineations.” added, “their new album pulls together their fears, hopes, dreams, hallucinations and social commentary into a psychedelic, cosmic folk orchestral jam to be smeared on crunchy toast and eaten off someone doing a backbend’s stomach.”


The artistry flows through TheyKillYaa (Hen House Studios) in the songs, artwork, and multi-media visuals. The cover art for this album and their previous releases as well as their collection of t-shirts were drawn by band members. The music video for “Infection (Time Grows Thin)” – a track also included on their 2016 EP release Stupid Dreams – was animated with hand drawn post-it notes and produced and directed by band member, Micah Nelson. A few friends including David Wexler/Dr. Strangeloop (Erykah Badu, Skrillex) helped with editing.


Insects vs Robots on Tour

March 7 – Del Monte Speakeasy, Venice, CA

March 12 – Sahara Lounge, Austin TX

March 13 – Spiderhouse, Austin, TX

March 14 – Hikes House, Austin TX

March 15 – Handlebar, Austin TX

March 16 – Luck Reunion, Austin, TX

May 2 – The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA (w/Willie Nelson)

May 3 – The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA (w/Willie Nelson)

May 5 – The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA (w/Willie Nelson)

May 6 – The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA (w/Willie Nelson)

May 19 – Hoyt Sherman Place, Des Moines, IA (w/Primus)

May 20 – 20 Monroe Live, Grand Rapids, MI (w/Primus)

May 23 – Iron City, Birmingham, AL (w/Primus)

May 24 – Highland Brewing Company, Asheville, NC (w/Primus)


More dates to be announced.

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