Lily Meola – What’s being said…

Lily Meola – What’s being said…

Lily Meola – What’s being said…

📅28 January 2016, 23:47

Lily Meola

They Say

front cover

What is being said…

“Lily is a talented and beautiful young woman – inside and out. She has a great future ahead of her. I am proud to know her and glad to help her in anyway I can.” – Willie Nelson

“Lily is a magical musical fairy princess from Maui straight to your heart. You can’t deny her melodies and will be immediately addicted to the sound of her voice. This is just a sneak peak of all that is to become of Lily Meola.” -Steven Tyler

“Singer-songwriter Lily Meola may not be a household name – yet – but the fact that she has already toured and performed with Willie Nelson, and also sung with Kris Kristofferson and Jamey Johnson is impressive. Even more so when you consider that Meola is just 20 years old.” – Rolling Stone Magazine

“Lily Meola’s surprising voice – smoky, sultry, tender and strong, comes from somewhere timeless, yet somehow new. This voice and these songs spring from a place so deep in the country and jazz traditions that they will be heard as fresh and original by her generation, and deeply rooted in the greatest music of all time by mine. There are many great musicians playing here, but who features Willie Nelson as a guitarist? His guitar is as unmistakable as his voice. On the duet with Kris Kristofferson, on perhaps his most famous song, Lily evokes, and then surpasses, the Janice Joplin version. And Kris sounds as young as he was when he wrote it. These are great songs, sung by a great singer. They Say is destined to be one of those CDs that you find in the car and on the cell phone of everyone you know.” – Jackson Browne

“First time I heard this gal’s voice, it was on a Willie Nelson record and it blew me away. i had to find out who this was singing….” -Jamey Johnson

“One of the best singers on the planet is Lily Meola.” – Buddy Cannon (producer/songwriter – Kenny Chesney, Shania Twain, Reba)

“Lily is a force of nature who as an artist defies all genres of music I am a huge fan and look forward to watching her career blossom” – Michael Buble

“I’ve had the pleasure of watching Lily grow as a free spirited person since she was a young child. She always had a flame burning inside her to do something special with her life. Her passion for singing is a direct result, and her smoldering vocal style reflects the heat from that fire. She’s got something special going on, and I hope everybody gets a chance to hear it.” – Pat Simmons, The Doobie Brothers

“Lily Meola’s capacity to handle a song speaks to her having a much older soul than her tender years would suggest. Having grown up on the beautiful island of Maui HI., one has to wonder where this deep sense of expression came into play. I think the simple answer is that there is much Mana in this young woman’s spirit and it translates beautifully through her artistry. A solid effort by a wonderful new artist with a voice we’ll no doubt be listening to for years to come” – Michael McDonald

“Meola is an intriguing storyteller who’s got a presentation that captivates.” – Music Connection Magazine

“…the Maui native with the big, full-hearted vocals…” – Modern Luxury Hawaii Magazine