Mac McAnally Earns Monumental Ninth Win As CMA Awards Musician Of The Year

Mac McAnally Earns Monumental Ninth Win As CMA Awards Musician Of The Year

Mac McAnally Earns Monumental Ninth Win As CMA Awards Musician Of The Year

📅08 November 2017, 00:25

For Immediate Release                                             November 8, 2017

Singer-Songwriter-Multi-instrumentalist Mac McAnally 

Earns Monumental Ninth Win As CMA Awards Musician Of The Year


Hall Of Fame Songwriter and Session Legend Gives Back 

With New Album, Southbound


NASHVILLE – Chart-topping recording artist, accomplished producer, hit songwriter and studio owner Mac McAnally has once again been honored by his peers by being named the Country Music Association’s Musician of the Year for the ninth time at a pre-telecast ceremony for the 51st Annual CMA Awards today. The achievement adds to his previous record-breaking eight consecutive wins (2008-2015) in the category.


Upon receiving his award, Mac said, “Wonders never cease. My friends in the country music world have seen fit to honor me for the ninth time! I’m as blessed as guitar pickers get. Thanks CMA!”


McAnally’s ninth win ties with Chet Atkins for the most wins in the category. According to the CMA Awards winners listing, Atkins was the first person to receive the award in 1988, but also won the category eight times prior under its original name, Instrumentalist of the Year. 


The distinction accentuates recent praise from fellow nine-time CMA Award winning singer-songwriter Kenny Chesney, who told American Songwriter magazine “Mac is one of my favorite singer-songwriters, ever. He is someone that I really respect. Someone I look up to as a songwriter, and a storyteller, and a creative person.


“Look at the craftsmanship and the heart of his work. His melodies move through you, make you feel what he’s singing about. His lyrics put you there: the details, the senses, the truths. It’s what every songwriter aspires to. …How many times has he won the CMA’s Musician of the Year Award? He makes it look so easy, just like the way he leans into the lyrics of a song.”


Besides being one of the most respected instrumentalists and vocalists in Nashville, he has also been nominated for a CMA Award as an artist. In 2009, he and Chesney were up for Musical Event of the Year for “Down The Road,” a duet that rocketed to No. 1 two decades after Mac wrote and recorded it himself as a solo artist.


This fall, McAnally released his album Southbound, a collection of the musician’s original material performed in newly arranged orchestral context with members of the FestivalSouth Symphony Orchestra conducted by Jay Dean. A portion of the proceeds from the album’s sale will go to Extra Table, which brings food to the hungry in Mississippi, and the University of Southern Mississippi’s music program. Rolling Stone said of this latest release, “An adventurous album brimming with heart, soul and wit…the album beautifully illustrates Mississippi’s rich cultural heritage,” while Roughstock noted “…a brilliant, sweeping concept. Quite simply, these songs, already some of the best musical compositions in modern music, stand out even more so with arrangements that prove that classic orchestral instrumentation makes everything sound even better than it already was.”


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