Robby Johnson’s “Together”: Story Behind The Video

Robby Johnson’s “Together”: Story Behind The Video

📅31 October 2016, 00:52

For Immediate Release                                              October 31, 2016


Robby Johnson’s “Together”: Story Behind The Video

Dramatic Storyline Drives Heart Wrenching And Surprising Film

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(NASHVILLE, Tenn.) Already viewed almost 650,000 times in less than two weeks, Robby Johnson’s mini-movie music video for “Together” is following in the footsteps of his viral smash “South Of Me,” now approaching 3 million views. This time around, Johnson offers country fans a dramatic narrative.


“The idea was to show this couple’s ability to go through a lot of stuff together, like her dad being violent with her,” Johnson says. “My character is always there … he protects her, and they’re stronger together. But we gave it a twist showing a time he’s not there to protect her.”


Opening on scenes of a demolished and smoking automobile wreck, the video flips back to the origins of young love. “Starting with the crash you think, oh no – how did that happen,” he says. “At the same time, we’re making a point about drinking, bad choices and driving while drunk. There are consequences that go beyond one person.”


Thankfully, the consequences in this case are limited. “The surprise is there’s a happy ending – although not so much for the guy driving the stolen car with the stolen purse inside,” Robby laughs. “Even in the end, though, there’s that reminder that life can stop suddenly and we all need to do our best to savor every moment.”


The concept was developed and vetted with a tough audience. “Most of the treatment came from myself and my family,” he says. “Talking about it at home, we built a consensus of what would work. Then we had an incredible two-day shoot and everyone from the crew to the actors was great. Everybody became friends. And the little boy in the video is my son, so it was cool to have him play my character.”


So cool, in fact, that his son may have a future as a film director. Robby explains: “The day before the shoot he told me, ‘I don’t know if I can do this. Call someone else.’ I reassured him and he was nervous of course, but after the first take he said, ‘I’m good at this!’ Next thing I know he’s giving me suggestions, talking to the director and setting up scenes with the little girl who is his co-star. ‘Okay, when we run, do this…'”


“Together” was written by chart-topping country performer Chris Young and is the second single from Johnson’s current album Don’t Look Back. Watch here: