Particle Kid Deploys Chance to Win Hempcrete Time Capsule


Particle Kid aka Micah Nelson

Deploys Chance to Win Hempcrete Time Capsule

Containing Album of Same Name, And More


Special “Time Token” for Hand-Crafted 

Memory-Holding Time Capsules

Hidden in 20 CDs


How to win  

Step 1: Buy a “Particle Kid TIME CAPSULE” CD at a show or from
Step 2: OPEN IT UP.  
Step 3: Get lucky and score one of 20 CDs that randomly contain a TIME TOKEN! Scan the code in the back of the token to register and redeem your unique TIME CAPSULE!! Each capsule was handmade by Nelson in his garage using industrial HempCrete to stand the test of time.
Inside each capsule you will find:  

  • 1 FLASH DRIVE containing the digital Time Capsule album, music videos, live performances, artwork, plus loads of secret unreleased stuff
  • 1 general admission FUTURE TICKET — good for any and all Particle Kid happenings in the year 2042
  • 1 bag of organic industrial hemp seeds, homegrown and cultivated in Nelson’s own backyard

(LOS ANGELES) Particle Kid, aka Micah Nelson’s experimental, psychedelic, future-folk project latest album, Time Capsule, now has a chance to win one of 20 special physical time capsules filled with prizes.

In addition to the music being available digitally and on a 2-CD set, the artist has hand-made a limited run of 20 actual time capsules constructed from hempcrete. Purchasers of the Time Capsule CD set have a chance of winning a ‘Time Token.’ Each of these randomly hidden tokens can be redeemed for one of the 20 hempcrete time capsules. The project combines Nelson’s multi-media talents as a musician, visual artist, and filmmaker.

Inside each of the 20 hempcrete capsules will be a thumb drive that includes the record and videos, printed album artwork, industrial hemp seeds that Nelson cultivated himself, and a physical ticket that gains general admission to every Particle Kid concert in the year 2042. Hempcrete is a fire-resistant, highly insulative building material made from hemp stalks. The hand-crafted time capsules can be filled with personal mementos and then be stored (or buried) to later be reconnect with its owners decades from now. “It feels like we are experiencing a major plot point in history for better or worse, and the idea of collaging all this music into a literal time capsule was interesting,” Nelson says. “It’s like an interactive art piece.”

Nelson has been a long time industrial hemp activist having served on the National Hemp Association’s Board of Directors and participating in Farm Aid events and their annual music festival, as well as combining the missions of both organizations by spearheading a petition championing the Industrial Hemp Farming Act which became law in December 2018.



He notes how the bill removed hemp from the Controlled Substances list which has helped “reestablish a sustainable agriculture economy in America. Hemp can be used to sustainably make almost every product fossil fuels claim to have precedent over. It’s baffling how versatile the hemp plant is, from growing and manufacturing bioplastics and textiles to producing renewable fuels, powerful medicinal oils and non-toxic, breathable building materials like hempcrete (which has been used for tens of thousands of years in structures that are still standing today). The frosting on the cake is that growing hemp naturally remediates soil and sequesters more carbon than trees, yet it grows rapidly and requires minimal water and zero pesticides. Ending the almost century-long prohibition of hemp in America is a huge step toward empowering American family farmers for a million reasons. We must subsidize the reestablishment of our industrial hemp infrastructure, like we had during WWII. If the US government truly wants to bring back value to the American economy while mitigating climate change, we need to remove the red tape and demand the complete liberation of hemp IMMEDIATELY!  

Nelson states, “I hope that incorporating hemp into my art will help educate people on how the crop is not only deeply entwined with our nation’s history, but with the history of the world.

“The primordial impulse to return to regenerative agricultural practices is deep within our blood. It’s long past time we stopped fighting against it. The world is nature’s art. It’s our job to protect its heart. The tools have been right in front of us all along so we better stop fuckin around and get real! It is not too late. Every choice we make is a message to our future selves. Each moment can be a love letter.

“The Time Capsule art project is like a multi-sensory, functional SOS. A meta-seed to be harvested on the other side of a 20 year span of time. Who/where/what will we be? How will we see ourselves? All we have is now! The long now.…one big day with moments of darkness, hurdling toward the great integrity. Time is space. Space is change. Change is a cosmic game. We have the ability to escape our self destructive patterns and level up. Break free from the loop!“

    To purchase the album, Time Capsule, in digital album and 2x CD in gatefold wallet with insert, go to:


photographer – Randi Steinberger

Time Capsule takes listeners on a trip through various genres, ideas and sounds – an eclectic palette of sonic colors, both familiar and exploratory. Feelings painted together like a collage, as if 90s alt, 60s psych, 70s electric jazz, and some abstract future were all magazines — chopped up and somehow cohesively glued together by Micah’s voice and lyrics. Micah is joined throughout the record by a series of guests, including Sean Ono Lennon, J Mascis, Margo Price, Jim James, and his dad Willie Nelson, amongst others.

Nelson also created associated music videos for seven of the tracks, who used various filmmaking techniques including his own lighting and cinematography as well as hand drawn and rotoscoping animations.

album cover – Time Capsule

The Time Capsule digital release, also includes a new song, the duet Particle Kid/Willie Nelson duet, “Die When I’m High (Halfway To Heaven” Micah notes, “Sometime back in December 2020, in between endless rounds of chess and dominos, my dad looked up at me and said, ‘If I die when I’m high I’ll be halfway to heaven.’ It took me a second to process, but I said, ‘Dad, that’s the best song title I ever heard. You better write the rest of it quick.’ He said. ‘Why don’t you write it?’ So I did. That night I wrote it for him, about him. It’s really just a love letter to him. A tribute.”

Rolling Stone notes that the duet was “released just ahead of Father’s Day, it’s a loving tribute to country icon (Willie) Nelson. A gentle, lilting waltz, ‘Die When I’m High’ starts with Micah singing lines that sound like they have his father in mind, while Willie’s signature guitar accents chime in.”

More praise for Time Capsule also includes review of the track “Someone Else Dream,” which has been called “…an amalgam of The Smashing Pumpkins, Neil Young, The Flaming Lips and Sparklehorse” (American Pancake), “dreamy and lush” (We All Want Someone To Shout For), and “simply killer” (Buzzbands LA), Following the release of “Velocirapture (The Serpent Flew),” feat. Sean Ono Lennon, Rolling Stone noted, “Micah Nelson and Sean Ono Lennon speak the same language: psychedelic, experimental, exploratory, and just a little unhinged,”

Particle Kid and Willie Nelson have been on the road this summer as part of the Outlaw Music Festival]. A limited-edition, wood carved single of “Die When I’m High (Halfway To Heaven)” will be available exclusively at the dates.

Particle Kid perform again at the annual FarmAid concert and then continue on opening for The Flaming Lips for another leg of shows.

  Tour Dates:

  9/16 – Boston, MA @ Xfinity Center (Outlaw Music Festival)
9/17 – Columbia Springs, MD @ Merriweather Post Pavilion (Outlaw Music Festival)
9/18 – Saratoga Springs @ SPAC (Outlaw Music Festival)
9/23 – Camden, NJ @ Waterfront Music Pavilion (Outlaw Music Festival)
9/24 – Raleigh, NC @ Coastal Credit Union Music Park at Walnut Creek (FarmAid)
10/1 – Spicewood, TX @ Luck Ranch (with The Flaming Lips)
10/14 – Mountain View, CA @ Shoreline Amphitheatre (Outlaw Music Festival)
10/15 – Wheatland, CA @ Toyota Amphitheatre (Outlaw Music Festival)
10/16 – Irvine, CA @ FivePoint Amphitheatre (Outlaw Music Festival)
11/11 – Ferndale, CA @ The Old Steeple
11/13 – Spokane, WA @ Knitting Factory (with The Flaming Lips)
11/15 – Portland, OR @ McMenamins Crystal Ballroom (with The Flaming Lips)
11/16 – Seatle, WA @ ShowBox SoDo (with The Flaming Lips)
11/18 – San Francisco, CA @ The Warfield (with The Flaming Lips)
11/19 – San Francisco, CA @ The Warfield (with The Flaming Lips)
11/21 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Wiltern (with The Flaming Lips)

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